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What are the precautions for bandages
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With the expanding of our activity space, life rhythm speeding up, hard to avoid some stuttering, body a certain amount of damage, when happen around us, we will how to deal with?

The wound must be covered with aseptic or clean dressings, the injured body should be comfortable, and be careful to maintain the position of the body.

Use a bandage suitable for different limbs. To bind the body from the far end of the limb to promote the flow of blood.

3. When the bandage should ring around the two laps, with a fixed starting point, behind every circle and firmness of pressure is moderate, if it is too easy to fall off, too tight to affect blood supply.

When the body is wrapped (such as hands, feet or fingers, toes), it is best to be exposed to the outside to observe the movement of the limbs.

The bandage should be wrapped around half the width of the bandage, which can be fully fixed. The back and forth of the bandage should be a straight line.

When you're done, you need to wrap the ring twice again, with a tape or the end of the bandage. It is reserved for the outside of the limb and is not allowed to stay in the area of the wound, the bone, or the area where it can be easily compressed.

When removing the bandage, loosen the fixed knot or remove the tape, then alternate the bandage. In an emergency, or when a bandage is impregnated with a wound, the bandage can be cut with scissors.

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